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  • Amazed to receive that desperately needed article in 1 days time?
  • Sing the praises of the Circulation Desk employee who always greets you with a smile
  • Give a shout out to the Librarian who visited your class and helped you find the perfect article for your research paper
  • Thank a Library Colleague for offering advice on that big project

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Heather Coates is a star.....

Heather Coates from Digital Scholarship is a star because of her expertise; not only that, she has the kindness to unreservedly put it to use. Through her affiliation with the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public of Health, Heather has become an invaluable resource, especially to doctoral students. - Isaac. 

Star Team : Digital Scholarship

Jessica Sowls is a star.....

Jessica is an inspirational colleague. Her patiently administered advice and enthusiasm for her work, allied with her background in art, make Jessica an invaluable asset to the library. Her experience extends beyond the users' needs and her skills and knowledge embrace day to day matters such as equipment repairs, use of printers, copiers and scanners, and all the other tasks and challenges that working in an academic library entails. All this and her delicious homemade cookies make Jessica "star"-worthy.

Star Team : Herron Art

Alicia Anino is a star.....

Alicia, our new dean's assistant, is a star for all her help with the librarian candidate visits.  She generously offered to pick up and deliver candidates when they arrived/departed as well as help with anything we needed.  She has definitely made my life easier this past few weeks! ---   Teresa

Michael @ circulation is a star.....

Thank you soooo much for all your help concerning me finding the Journal of African American History! You gave perfect directions and I had no trouble at all, I'll will be needing your services again real soon!

Star Team : Access Services

Andy Smith is a star.....

Andy created file renaming scripts for the Indianapolis News collection that are making the work SO MUCH EASIER! We are so happy to have his help with this. Thanks Andy!

Star Team : Digital Scholarship

Jennifer Hehman is a star.....

From an art historian's perspective, Jennifer Hehman has been exceptionally helpful in helping me in my after-hours classroom research. More than most history disciplines, art history requires diligent attention to and appreciation of the micro and macrocosmic world-view. Jennifer has such amazing breadth and depth of knowledge of all things art-history related, that she knew precisely what online, print, and most especially, visual resources, would be most valuable to me for my upper-class research projects. Jennifer introduced me to the world of art via The Medici Archive Project; the Digital Michelangelo Project; the Visual Resources Association (VRA); the Annenberg Media site, and many more art and art history research sites.


Similarly, Jennifer Hehman has been equally successful at providing insight into the world of music history, which has become a minor, along with my art history major. From Broadway musicals, to British art rock, to my two favorite musical genres—blues and jazz, Jennifer as offered professional insight for my after-hours music history endeavors.


In conclusion, because Jennifer is so very student and research-centered, and often goes far beyond the call of duty in all she does as a Science, Engineering & Technology, and Nursing liaison, she definitely deserves to be cited as a STAR on the University Library’s recognition site!       


Becky Mock is a star.....


Becky Mock is a valuable member of the interlibrary loan team because she goes out of her way to ensure that she expedites lending requests in an efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, accurate, and timely manner. Last semester, my textbook was stolen right before finals and Becky went out of her way to ensure a copy would arrive for me as quickly as possible; it arrived shortly after I officially requested it.


But it is not just in her "official" duties as an interlibrary loan member that Becky has proven herself to be a diligent and valuable library member. Becky has energetically helped with many a fall and December "end-of-semester" party, always whipping up unique if not fascinating designs. Becky can transform an Excel spreadsheet into amazingly artistic creations. Additionally, Becky is an expert at searching for & "finding" OCLC ILL information, and she's a very savvy database user & searcher. Last but not least, Becky is sincere in her attempts to recognize others, and because of this & the above mentioned user-centered qualities, she certainly deserves a star on the library's recognition page!




Star Team : Access Services

Jeanna Vycas is a star.....

Jeanna is a star of the interlibrary loan team because she is a very helpful member of our team. It is pleasant to work with her and she is reliable, intelligent person with good sense of humor. She works well with little supervision which is an asset to the department. Thank you Jeanna for your assistance to the team.

Star Team : Access Services

Bianaca Brammer is a star.....

Bianaca is a star for the interlibrary loan team. Her cheerful smile and attitude are great ways to make the ILL dpartment a great place to be. Her wonderful work ethic and helpful outlook truly enhances the daily work routine. Thank you Bianaca for your marvelous service in ILL.

Star Team : Access Services

University Library's student staff is a star.....

The campus work study office has a new online form for processing student work study awards and the fall forms became available just last Thursday, August 1st.  We've already had several of our student staff who have taken care of business!! Our students have been proactive in processing their fall work study authorizations and this makes my work so much easier.  My thanks to those that will be submitting their forms and for these individuals who jumped on the wagon: Bianaca Brammer, Mary Durchholz, Jessica June, JoAnn Lamb, LaJeanna Lee, Anne Reynolds, and Ashley Spurgeon !!!