CST Student Employee Timeoff Calendars

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    4th Floor Group Study Room Reservations

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    University Library has over 30 individual and group study rooms available Levels 3 and 4.  The Univeristy Library Group Study Room System is now a student, self-managed system. The Consultants will assist with first time user questions and any system error messages. It is the responsibility of the room users to make reservations in advance to ensure 1st priority.

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    Client Support Technology Consultants

    Client Support Technology Consultants
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    UL Event Coordinators


    Title:    Event Coordinator 

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    University Library Rich Media Technology

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    Software/Applications for Dell Computer

    University Library has a multitude of Internet capable PCs.

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    Academic Commons

    What is the Information Commons and how does it tie into the Academic Commons. In Fall 2005, University Library opened a pilot Information Commons area on the 2nd Level. Many group workspaces were installed in the developed space.
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    Can't Connect?

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    Library Computer Technology

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