Windows 8.1 Training Guides

Microsoft Training Resources has very informative training videos and websites that help you get to know the Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1. Below there are useful links as well as informative materials found on Microsoft's training website.

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3D Print Charge Form

3D Printing Charge Form

(NOTE: Printed items that are not picked up or paid for will be billed through the Office of Bursar)

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3D Printing Request

Request form for 3D Printing

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Team Support

Team Support



  • Athletics
  • Faculty/Staff Council
  • Herron
  • Honors College
  • ERT
  • Writing Center


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How To Reach a CST Technician

UL CST Technician Help is only available to University Library Faculty and Staff

Live Computer Help

Submit a Troubleshooting Ticket




Computer Technician Hours(Exceptions)
Monday-Friday 7:30am-7:30pm


Email us your question.

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Mac Video Production Room Software

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Flash Player

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Mac Rich Media

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Creative Suite CS6

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Mac Standard Build Software

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