IUPUI University Library Responses to ACRL Standards

A.Planning and Assessment
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Contact Us

Contact Us

We’d like to hear from you so we can serve you better.

To contact Administration, call 317-274-0462 or:

David Lewis
Dean of the IUPUI University Library

755 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5195

Kindra Orr
Assistant Dean for Administration

IUPUI University Library
755 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5195

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The IUPUI University Library Community Board

Christine Bachmann

Vice President, Human Resources & Benefits

Herff Jones

Janna Bennett

Curator, American Collection

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Message From the Dean

Dean Lewis

It is no secret that technology is changing the way we all find, use, and create knowledge and information. The University Library has long been a leader in the application of technology to library practice. Today we are using technology in new ways both to connect with our users and to build collections and preserve digital content. In the past the library brought content to our community. Today the library takes the content created in our community — research of IUPUI faculty and students and unique materials that support their work — and makes it available to the world via the Web.

Of equal importance is our work with students to teach them how to critically and ethically use information. In the past, finding information was hard. Now the finding is easy. What is hard is to know how to filter and evaluate content so that its reliability and trustworthiness can be determined.

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About the Library

inform. connect. transform.

The mission of the IUPUI University Library is to:

  • INFORM the IUPUI campus and wider community of learners through our educational resources, technologies, and expertise.
  • CONNECT people with our resources, our services and each other.
  • TRANSFORM the lives of our community members by facilitating discovery, creativity, teaching, learning and research. University Library actively partners in the transformation of information to new and more accessible formats.

We value: 

values of the University Library


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