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The library director should prepare, justify, and administer a library budget that is appropriate to the library's objectives. The budget should meet the reasonable expectations of library users when balanced against other college needs. The library should utilize its financial resources efficiently and effectively. The library director should have authority to apportion funds and initiate expenditures within the library budget and in accordance with college policy. The budget should support appropriate levels of staffing and adequate staff
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The library should be administered in a manner that permits and encourages the most effective use of available library resources. The library director should report to the president or to the appropriate chief academic officer of the college. There should be a standing library advisory committee. The responsibilities and authority of the library director should be defined in writing. If there are branch libraries, they should be administered by the library director in accordance with the ACRL Guidelines for Branch
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Communication and Cooperation

Communication is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the library. Communication should flow from all levels of the library: from the director to the staff and from the staff to the director. The library should have a regular mechanism to communicate with the campus.Library staff should work collaboratively and cooperatively with other departments on campus. A special relationship should be encouraged between the library and information technology staff in providing access to electronic
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The library facility should be well planned; it should provide secure and adequate space, conducive to study and research with suitable environmental conditions for its services, personnel, resources and collections. The library's equipment should be adequate and functional.
  1. Does the library provide well-planned, secure, and adequate space for users?
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The staff should be sufficient in size and quality to meet the programmatic and service needs of its primary users. Librarians, including the director, should have a graduate degree from an ALA-accredited program. In addition, there may be other professional staff who will have appropriate training, experience, or degrees. All library professionals should be responsible for and participate in professional activities. The support staff and student assistants should be assigned responsibilities appropriate to their qualifications, training, experience, and capabilities. The further development of professional and support staff should be promoted through an on-going commitment to continuing education, including training on security, emergencies, and the preservation of materials. Professional library staff should be covered by a written policy that clearly establishes their status, rights and responsibilities. This policy should be consistent with the ACRL Standards for Faculty Status for College and University Librarians.

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Access to library resources should be provided in a timely and orderly fashion. Library collections and the catalog for accessing them should be organized using national bibliographic standards. A central catalog of library resources should provide access for multiple concurrent users and clearly indicate all resources. Provision should be made for interlibrary loan, consortial borrowing agreements, access to virtual electronic collections,

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The library should provide varied, authoritative and up-to-date resources that support its mission and the needs of its users. Resources may be provided onsite or from remote storage locations, on the main campus or at off-campus locations. Moreover, resources may be in a variety of formats, including print or hard copy, online electronic text or images, and other media. Within budget constraints, the library should provide quality resources in the most efficient manner possible. Collection currency and vitality should be maintained through

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The library should provide information and instruction to users through a variety of reference and bibliographic services, such as course-related and course-integrated instruction, hands-on active learning, orientations, formal courses, tutorials, pathfinders, and point-of-use instruction, including the reference interview.

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The library should establish, promote, maintain and evaluate a range of quality services that support the college's mission and goals. The library should provide competent and prompt assistance for its users. Hours of access to the library should be reasonable and convenient for its users. Reference and other special assistance should be available at times when the college's primary users most need them. When academic programs are offered at off-campus sites, library services should be provided in accordance with the "ACRL Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services".

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