CST Student Employee Timeoff Calendars

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Steps for requesting time off are listed below.

Must be 24 hours before the scheduled shift. You must send a message seeking coverage to the appropriate listserv ( for CST Consultants. If your shift is as a Consultant/Ambassador, you must email both list servs. Once you receive a response, please respond by thanking the person. Please make sure you reply to all. If you decide to contact a person by any other means (e.g., telephone, in-person), it is the responsibility of the person requesting coverage to send a message to the appropriate list serv making all aware of the coverage.

Once a supervisor has seen this, he will update the calendar with the changes.
If you request coverage 24 hours before the schedule time and no one has responded before your scheduled shift, you must then notify a supervisor by phone, asking for permission to take the shift off. You may do so by calling the Consultant Desk (278-1360) and asking for the Consultant Supervisor. If the Supervisor/Ambassador Lead is unavailable by the Consultant calling on the radio, it is your responsibility to call the person via his or her cell phone.
According to our policies, last minute requests will not be accepted unless it’s an absolute
emergency (medical, etc). If a CST Consultant does not show up for a shift and doesn’t follow the steps mentioned above, this is considered a “No Call No Show”. After 2 of these a semester, the CST Consultant is automatically terminated. This is standard procedure in most work environments.
If a CST Consultant requests coverage via the listserv and no one responds and the CST Consultant does not show up for the schedules shift (and doesn’t notify the appropriate Supervisor/Ambassador Lead), this will also follow under the same guidelines as a “No Call No Show” and the same procedures will follow.
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