4th Floor Group Study Room Reservations

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University Library has over 30 individual and group study rooms available Levels 3 and 4.  The Univeristy Library Group Study Room System is now a student, self-managed system. The Consultants will assist with first time user questions and any system error messages. It is the responsibility of the room users to make reservations in advance to ensure 1st priority.

Please read the FAQs listed below.  If you a question that isn't answered below and/or you would like to reserve space, please Walk-Up to the 4th Floor Consultant Desk to use our kiosk, or go to

What should I do to expedite the room reservation process?

The new room reservation system now pulls user information from the university central authentication services. You must have a valid IU/IUPUI username in order to reserve the rooms. If you are reserving a group study room (3 users or more), you must insert the username of each group member in order for your reservation to be confirmed. If not, you will be given an error message. Reservations can be made with any Internet browser and you'll be encounter a Trusted website notice. Please accept the certificate.

The website to make your reservation is:  

Where are the group study rooms available in University Library?

There are group study rooms on both the 3rd and 4th Levels of University Library.

Do the group study rooms have computers in them?

Yes, all of the group study rooms in University Library contain both Dell PCs and Apple iMacs on Levels 3 and 4.

How do I cancel my reservation?

You can login to the reservation system and cancel a reservation or contact a Consultant.

What if I am running late for my reservation?

It is your responsbility to contact the Consultant desk if you are running late. We are available via emai: or by phone: 317-278-1360. If you and/or all group members are not present after 15 minutes into your reservation, the reservation will be cancelled and given to the next available group. 

Can I reserve any of these rooms?

Yes, you can. Please see the complete list at our Room Reservation System Homepage (

What is the Video Production Multimedia Room?

This is a room designated for students to create multimedia visual aids such as small videos, extracting video clips, and possibly exporting video to Oncourse. For more information, Click Here

Can I eat food or bring drinks into the room?

According to University Library Policy, food is allowed in the room.  We ask that you help keep Univeristy Library a clean environment and disgard trash in the proper recepticles. Only drinks with a lid will be allowed.  Here is the Food and Drink Policies.

Do I have to make a reservation for that day or any other future date?

You can request a room for up to 2 week after the date you submit your request. 

Can my group request a reservation that reoccurs weekly?

No, each reservation has to be made individually.

How long can our group be in the room at one time?       

To give all students a fair opportunity, the maximum per group is 2 hours per session and 4 hours per session in our Multimedia Rooms. 

How many hours can my group be in a room in a day?         

Maximum hours per day is 4 hours.

How many students can fit in one session?         

The Room size depends the minimum number of group members per group.

Who is allowed to use the room?

Only undergraduate/graduate students and faculty with a valid ADS account will be allowed to access these rooms.   

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