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Phone       317.278.1360



Consultant Desk Hours (Exceptions)

Monday-Thursday 7:30am-Midnight
Friday 7:30am-9pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 10am-Midnight


 Summer hours
Monday-Thursday 7:30am-9pm
Friday 7:30am-7pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 12pm -6pm


Get Live Help from your desktop during the following hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-4pm

Whom should I contact regarding computer problems while inside the University Library?
Students inside of University Library should look for a Computer Consultant located at either the 2nd or 4th Floor Consultant Desks for immediate assistance. The 2nd Floor Desk is behind the Reference Desk and the 4th Floor Desk is in front of the elevator. The Consultants can be contacted by phone at 317-278-1360.
If a Consultant is unavailable or a student requires more in depth assistance with a Library computer issue, he or she should fill out the University Library Computer Problem Reporting Form ( This allows University Library Technologists to properly locate the problematic computer and try to respond in a swift manner.
FYI, University Library does not provide hardware/software repair on student laptops or desktops and does not provide support for any systems outside of University Library.
If a student is unable to connect to a  Library database linked from the Library website, he or she use our Trouble Connecting page (
All IUPUI central service questions such as Oncourse, UMAIL/IMAIL, Onestart, username/passphrase questions, etc should be directed to UITS Support Services (317-274-HELP)


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