Academic Commons

What is the Information Commons and how does it tie into the Academic Commons. In Fall 2005, University Library opened a pilot Information Commons area on the 2nd Level. Many group workspaces were installed in the developed space.

University Library has been in collaboration with RJE Knoll Business Interiors with the design and creation of group and individual spaces that best capture students' ever-changing, academic needs. The spaces are designed to accommodate students who need to spread out to do work and be able to do this comfortably in a relaxing environment. Along with the comfortable setting, University Library's Client Support Team who provides all public and staff support, has worked extensively creating a wide array of computer configurations unlike any provided to students on the IUPUI campus.

These settings include 19' widescreen, cloned desktops. Cloned desktops allow patrons to see the same screen images on two different monitors. This is helpful when a large group is gathered around a computer and patrons are able to space out and are not crunched together trying to see one screen. Some stations have two keyboards and two mice at the stations. This idea arose to allow students to work back and forth amongst groups without having to constantly pass a keyboard around.

The Academic Commons includes software applications like the complete Adobe Studio 8 and Creative Suite 2 packages. A laserjet color printer and a high gloss photo printer are located in the 2nd Level Reference Area. We have a flatbed, PC scanner station, a flatbed/ADF PC scanner station, and flatbed, iMac scanner station. A new feature is the ability to convert a VHS homevideo to DVD using our VHS to DVD Conversion Station. The Dell Optiplex GX620 series machines in the Academic Commons are the most powerful, public computer stations in University Library.

The Academic Commons incorporates more group workspaces plus a myriad of new services. Many of the new features in the Academic Commons include technology configurations similar to those seen in Multimedia Work Area. Please watch for more information on the development of the University Library Academic Commons. You are encouraged to explore the dynamic space and see for yourself how the space is best suited for your needs. University Library strives to provide the latest, up-to-date technology and research excellence to accommodate patron's needs.
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