Choose a topic that works

  • Brainstorm potential topics
  • Think about what you’re interested in. 

  • Ask faculty and fellow students for suggestions, and check encyclopedias and textbooks for ideas as well. 

  • Find background information
    • If you're not already pretty familiar with your tentative topic, you may need to find out more about it before you go much further.
  • Narrow or broaden your topic
    • Too broad: World War I
      • Ask "Who," "What," "When," or "Where" to help focus and narrow your topic.
      • Better topic: American women's roles in WWI
    • Too narrow: Eating disorders among blue-eyed men in North Dakota.
      • Think in more general terms about your topic.
      • Better topic: Eating disorders among men 
    Last updated by andjsmit on 12/12/2008