Becky Mock

Becky Mock is a star.....


Becky Mock is a valuable member of the interlibrary loan team because she goes out of her way to ensure that she expedites lending requests in an efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, accurate, and timely manner. Last semester, my textbook was stolen right before finals and Becky went out of her way to ensure a copy would arrive for me as quickly as possible; it arrived shortly after I officially requested it.


But it is not just in her "official" duties as an interlibrary loan member that Becky has proven herself to be a diligent and valuable library member. Becky has energetically helped with many a fall and December "end-of-semester" party, always whipping up unique if not fascinating designs. Becky can transform an Excel spreadsheet into amazingly artistic creations. Additionally, Becky is an expert at searching for & "finding" OCLC ILL information, and she's a very savvy database user & searcher. Last but not least, Becky is sincere in her attempts to recognize others, and because of this & the above mentioned user-centered qualities, she certainly deserves a star on the library's recognition page!




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