Proxy Cards for IUPUI Faculty

A proxy account will allow your assistant to act on your behalf while conducting business at University Library. We highly recommend that if your assistant is going to be checking out materials for you to have a proxy account setup for them. While University Library does not charge overdue fines for Faculty, this would not apply if your assistant checked out materials for you on their personal account. There are three ways to establish a proxy account for your assistant:

  1. Write a letter on departmental letterhead stating that you want your assistant to have proxy rights on your account. The assistant must bring the letter to the Circulation Desk along with their University ID.


  2. You may come down to the Circulation Desk with the assistant and personally request that a proxy account be created for them. Please make sure you have your University Faculty ID and that the assistant has their University ID.


  3. You may email John Cooper, Circulation Team Manager, at  from your official Campus email account requesting that your assistant have proxy rights on your card. Please include their full name and University ID number. You will receive a response via email when the proxy card is available for pickup. The proxy must present their University ID when picking up the proxy card.

A Proxy may pick up your IUCAT Request Delivery items for you

To make this process work smoothly, please LOGIN to IUCAT and enter the system as your proxy BEFORE searching and placing a request:

Proxy Accounts and Interlibrary Loan

Do you have student assistants that place interlibrary loan requests for you?

Please request an ILLiad Proxy Account in lieu of having your assistant place requests with their personal account. An ILLiad Proxy Account can be passed from assistant to assistant and will track all your requests in the same way a personal account does. Plus, you can both be notified of item availability, etc.

Complete the ILLiad Proxy Account Request Form and submit. The Interlibrary Loan Office will contact you with the information for your new account. For assistance or questions, please contact or 274-0500.

If you do not wish for the Proxy to place requests on your behalf, they can still pick up your Interlibrary Loan items for you:

  1. Choose "Interlibrary Loan" from the Services Menu and log in to Illiad.
  2. Scroll down and click the Change User Information button.
  3. Enter your proxy's full name in the Authorized Users Field
  4. Click the Submit information button.
  5. Your proxy must present photo ID to pick up Interlibrary Loan items.

For questions about Proxy Cards, contact John Cooper, Circulation Team Manager, at 274-0471 or

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