Going Green @ the Library

In December 2009, the University Library Green Team was formed with the mission of making the library more environmentally sustainable. Since then, we have initiated, completed or are still working on several projects. If you have ideas for how to make the library more environmentally sustainable, please submit them using the "Submit an idea" link at the left. 

 In July 2010, the Green Team received permission to initiate the Green Leaf Certification program.  The goal of this program is to motivate UL staff members to increase their green activities by rewarding them for achieving increasingly challenging levels of certification.  For each “leaf” or level, an individual is rewarded for achieving approximately 75% of the suggested activities, and the Team is rewarded for attaining 75% participation on approximately 75% of the suggested activities.  Individuals will get virtual “leaves” on their University Library profile as they achieve leaves.  Teams will get a green Kermit the Frog doll (the “unofficial” Green Team mascot) on a rotating basis as they achieve new leaves. 

Carrie A Nation speaks out on green initiatives.
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