About Me

Hi, I'm Sindhu Raghavan and I am a UL Diversity Fellow 2008-09.

I am starting my senior year at IUPUI pursuing degrees in psychology and economics.

I am from Chennai, India where I finished high school before coming to IUPUI as an international student. I have lived in Saudi Arabia for seven years as a child, which was my first experience with a world outside of my own country and culture.

Living in the United States has not been a particularly taxing experience for me in terms of adjusting to this society and culture. Globalisation has made it easier for me to find common ground, and openness to new ideas that is an integral part of globalised societies has helped me blend and be a part of two different cultures at once.

Through this fellowship I hope to be an active part of the effort to promote multiculturalism at IUPUI, as I feel it is a life-changing experience to see the world through different eyes.

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