University Library Undergraduate Diversity Fellow Supervisor Task Description


The Diversity Fellow Supervisor will be a University Library librarian and a de facto member of the University Library Diversity Council.* The Supervisor will be the Fellows’ primary contact within University Library. While the Fellows’ may be working with other Teams and Team representatives and therefore be trained or supervised in project specific tasks, the Supervisor remains responsible for the Fellows’ overall work experience as a University Library Diversity Fellow. The Supervisor may be appointed by the University Library Dean, a volunteer, or solicited by the University Library Diversity Council and/or University Library Diversity Council Chair.

Required Tasks

  • Participate in the Fellow applicants selection and interview process
    Orient the Fellows to the library staff, building, and policies
  • Arrange for the Fellows’ workspace and keys and card entry as necessary
  • Meet on a weekly basis with the Fellows to ensure all assigned tasks are being met and answer any questions
  • Review, edit as necessary, and approve the Fellows’ time sheets
  • Facilitate the Fellows’ interaction with other University Library Teams, including coordinating a time schedule to ensure smooth and continuous workflow for the Fellows’ and the Teams
  • Monitor the Fellowship budget, making workflow adjustments as needed
  • Develop/Coordinate the Development of (in conjunction with the University Library Diversity Council and other library Teams) the tasks and projects in which the following year’s Fellows will participate
  • Evaluate the Fellows’ performance prior to the Fellowships conclusion
  • Distribute to and Collect from the Fellows the IUPUI University Library Diversity Fellowship Evaluation form (Fellows evaluating the fellowship experience)



*Nomination and election to the Diversity Council occurs through the University Library Specialists Group (ULSG) and University Library Faculty Organization (ULFO). While the Supervisor becomes a de facto member of the University Library Diversity Council, he/she can but does not have to be one of the members elected through ULFO. See IUPUI University Library Diversity Council Charter and Structure

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