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Interested in topics of Race, Urban Renewal, Displacement, or IUPUI History? Do your own investigative research to educate yourself and formulate your own opinions!


Following is a list of links to get you started. This is a great way to become familiar with some of the research resources the library has to offer!



Anthropology Professor Paul Mullins has done several archaeological excavations in the IUPUI campus area. The website below provides a comprehensive summary of his field school and research findings, area maps, and a historical background of the area.


Mullins, Paul. "Engagement and the Color Line: Race, Renewal, and Public Archaeology in the Urban Midwest." World Archaeology; Mar2006, Vol. 38 Issue 1, p60-71, 12p, 3


Interesting article in NUVO regarding Urban renewal and displacement, along with Professor Mullins' and Glenn White's upcoming book!


Barrows, Robert G. "The Local Origins of a New Deal Housing Project: The Case of Lockefield Gardens in Indianapolis." Indiana Magazine of History 2007 103(2): 125-151 27p.


Gray, Ralph D. "IUPUI: The Making of an Urban University." Indiana Magazine of History 2006 102(2): 154-156 3p.


Did you know that IUPUI is not the only university that has been involved in the controversial processes of urban renewal? Check out other universities such as Temple University in Philadelphia for more instances of urban renewal and displacement.


Continue your investigation by typing in these key words in the search databases on University Library's website: Urban Renewal, Displacement, Reparations, Reconciliation, University History, and so on. You're sure to find some enlightening articles and books pertaining to urban university expansion!


It is important for students and faculty alike to understand the controversial processes that take place in order to create a facility such as IUPUI for our education and employment.

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