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Data Management Lab/Workshop Series

Research data management: Practical strategies for better results

Date: Fall 2014, TBA
Time: Fall 2014, TBA
Location: University Library, Room TBA
Audience: Graduate students in the health and social sciences

Description: This workshop series will teach you how to use effective and practical data management strategies for your thesis or dissertation. These strategies can be used with numeric, text, and multimedia data in the health and social sciences. After attending all four sessions, you will have a usable plan to manage your data from proposal to defense.

Format: Minimal lecture, some discussion, mostly exercises to practice data management strategies using tools freely available to IUPUI students. 

What you will learn:

1. Build awareness of research data management issues associated with digital data.

2. Introduce methods to address common data management issues and facilitate data integrity.

3. Introduce institutional resources supporting effective data management methods.

4. Build proficiency in applying these methods.

5. Build strategic skills that enable attendees to solve new data management problems.

Topics by Session:

  1. Research Data Management Plans & Planning (3/25/14)
    • Planning for good data management from the start
    • Defining expected outcomes for your data
    • Getting a storage and backup plan
  2. Documentation & Metadata (4/1/14)
    • Naming files
    • Organizing data and files
    • Documenting strategies
  3. Data Quality (4/8/14)
    • Defining quality for your data
    • Using best practices for data collection, entry, & coding
    • Checking for quality issues
  4. Ethical & Legal Issues in Data Sharing & Reuse (4/15/14)
    • Protecting data to ensure confidentiality & privacy
    • Intellectual property, commercialization, & patents
    • Licensing data
    • Giving credit where it’s due

Register: Available in August, 2014

Questions? Contact Heather Coates at or 317-278-7125 to learn more.


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