Multiple Sites

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"Drupal’s Multisite feature sounds like the Holy Grail for whenever you want to run multiple Drupal sites. However, the answer to “Should I use Multisites?” is best discovered by knowing what Multisites is and how it might benefit or hinder your objectives."
 Matt Petrowsky,

There are a lot of options for running multiple Drupal sites:

  • Use only one site with multiple themes for the appearance of multiple sites.
  • Install Multiple sites.
  • Run multiple sites from same base code, but different databases.
    • Requires a "[sub]-domain specific" directory.
    • Each site requires it own settings.php file.
    • Example: Common Reader
  • Run multiple sites from same base code sharing all or some of the database tables. 
    • Example: Share user tables.
  • It is also possible to combine static content and Drupal content on the same site.
    • Static content can be placed inside the Drupal root directory.
    • If static page exists, Drupal will server it out first before generating a page.



Last updated by andjsmit on 05/06/2009