Book Cover 'Modules allow you to turn on and off functionality within your Drupal website. There are two types of modules: "core" modules, which come with Drupal itself, and "contributed" modules, which are provided for free by the Drupal community and available for download from'

 1. Angela Byron, Using Drupal, 1st ed. (Beijing ;;Cambridge [MA]: O'Reilly, 2009). 

Useful Core Modules:

Drupal 5 has six required core modules and 23 optional core modules.

We currently use 12/13 of these optional modules.

Useful Contributed Modules: houses 4061 (!?!) contributed modules.

We use ~38 Contributed modules:

  • Increase Drupal's capabilities
  • Fulfill "users" request
  • Solve issues quickly
  • Warning : some times too quickly !!!

Library Specific Modules:

See lists of library specific modules at drupallib and groups.drupal .

We are using the Bibliography Module as an eShelf Replacement.

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