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"Blocks contain information or related data that is visible in various places around the site-depending on where you choose to show them. Blocks are often generated by modules, but it is also possible to create them manually."
  Mercer, David. Building Powerful and Robust Websites with Drupal 6: Build Your Own Professional Blog, Forum, Portal or Community Website with Drupal 6. Packt Publishing. © 2008. Books24x7.

  • Blocks are produced by many core modules
    • Menus
    • User
    • Statistics 
  • Many contributed modules produce blocks
    • Nice Menus
    • Views Ticker
  • Blocks can be created by hand
  • Blocks are assigned to an area in a template / theme
    • Location
    • Weight
  • Visibility can be controlled
    • User
    • Page URL
    • Custom PHP Code



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