Meet our 2007-2008 diversity fellows

Ashley Mack

Picture of Ashley Mack, Diversity Fellow

Hi, my name is Ashley Mack and I am a Diversity Fellow with the University Library. I am an Indianapolis native and a junior, creative writing major at IUPUI. I am also a Resource Mentor with the Bepko Learning Center in University College. I transferred from Howard University in Washington, DC and this is my second year at IUPUI. My two main joys in life are education and writing. I have worked with students from pre-K to 12th grade and have enjoyed working in many different educational capacities. My poetry has also been published in several collections including Drumvoices Revue and the fall 2007 edition of Genesis, IUPUI's literary journal.

Trina Otero

Hola! I am Trina Otero and I am a junior journalism and international studies major. I graduated from Jeffersonville High School in Jeffersonville, Indiana – where my immediate family still live – but I am not an Indiana native either. I was an ARMY brat so I was born in Ramstein, Germany and moved to several other places before my residence here. When I am not on campus for classes or to study, I usually am working or relaxing. I looooove music – I believe this is one component of every country that connects us all (and I am talking about real music…the kind you can feel. I call it soul music.) I am also a book worm. I love to read magazines, newspapers and books, especially ethnic literature. I find it very interesting and enriching. I believe that everyone (including myself) should slow down and enjoy every second that passes – with the trivial circumstances in our lives we forget how much fun living is. As a Diversity Fellow I hope to gain knowledge about the library, but most importantly, I hope to gain knowledge and relationships with the people that work here and the campus community.

Picture of Trina Otero, Diversity Fellow

The Fellows are in Mexico

Ashley and Trina will be in Mexico from mid-May to mid-June. They are participating in IUPUI's service learning program, "To Mexico with Love" . In addition to taking classes and increasing their Spanish language skills they will also be leading the establishment of a library in a local Women's shelter. The Fellows collected books, developed a book cataloging scheme, cataloged and labeled the books, and are presently instructing Women working and living at the shelter on the basics of keeping a library in working order. See photos below.

Trina instructing local residents on using and maintaing their new library.

Residents Taking Notes

Shelter Vission and Mission

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