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Draft IUPUI Open Access Policy and Supporting Materials (August 28, 2014)

The "Draft IUPUI Open Access Policy and Supporting Materials" was developed by the Library Affairs committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council.

This opt-out policy reaffirms and supports the rights of IUPUI faculty authors. The policy is based on model language adopted at Harvard, MIT, Duke, University of California, University of Kansas and many other institutions.

While distributing faculty articles under a nonexclusive license, this policy would bring many benefits to the community, to IUPUI, and to our faculty members. While demonstrating IUPUI's commitment to "open inquiry and dissemination of findings," the policy would also increase citation rates and readership for faculty articles.

As an opt-out policy, these benefits can be achieved at no financial costs to authors and while respecting academic freedom, and intellectual property rights.

Download a copy of the current draft to learn more about how this opt-out policy would work at IUPUI. [Current draft - August 28, 2014]

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Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free

of most copyright and licensing restrictions. - Peter Suber, Open Access Overview

Open Access services for the IUPUI campus include:

IUPUI ScholarWorks - an open access repository for artilces, theses, working papers, posters, presentations and more ...

Open Journals at IUPUI - a free software systems for publishing peer reviewed open access journals

IUPUI Open Access Fund - underwriting reasonable publication charges for articles published in fee-based, peer-reviewed OA journals

IUPUI DataWorks - an open access repository for data sharing

IUPUI makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of Open Access, including:

  • broad readership;
  • community impact;
  • knowledge sharing;
  • information equity;
  • increased citation rates.

Share your work with a world of scholars, students and readers. Learn more ...

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